Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Center LITEXPO and NGO "Healthy City", which organizes great sports and wellness events in Vilnius, want to invite you to take part in Vilnius Sports Festival 2018!
DATE: 29-30th of September 2018;
PLACE: Exhibition and Congress Center LITEXPO (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Vilnius Sports Festival 2018 intro for companies, .pdf  0


Exhibition area of: sq.m. (for ex. 9)
 Exhibition space rental – 35 EUR plus VAT for 1 sq.m.*
* Participant registration price (cost) form:
          • exhibition space in the hall for rent (EUR 35 plus VAT per 1 sq.m)
          • Enrollment in the electronic catalog of the exhibition,
          • 3 Participant Accreditations (cards)
          • 5 invitations to visit the exhibition
          • Record of the festival in the social network (of the event) of the participant
          • Exhibitions communication: newsletters targeted segment, press releases, exhibitions, information publicity social media account, exhibitions, partners in the dissemination of information communication channels and so on.
          • Access your fitness and health products (clothing, clothing accessories and so on.) Showcase festival organized shows (sports fashion show, demonstration program, tournaments, special events, and discussion area). To be consistent with the organizers in advance.
          • The registration price does not include a standard (individual, nestandratinio) booth fee
          • Participants can build your own stand 's artistic area, in coordination with the organizers and the premises of the owner (operator) architects.

Stand area amount: sq.m. (for ex. 6)
 (no more than the chosen sq. m. exhibition area)
 Standard stand preparation – EUR 15 plus VAT per 1 sq.m*

*Standard stand (6 sq. m.) price includes:
          • 2.5 m high white walls OCTANORM
          • 1 table and 2 chairs,
          • the introduction of electric bench, standard socket
          • Name of the standard type bench top
          • bin

Examples of standard stands:

For non-standard and individual stands please contact by e-mail

Merchanting and outdoor space for rent *: EUR 16 + VAT / 1 sq.m.
*trade refreshing drinks, coffee, snacks, food

Vilnius Sports festival participation rules, .pdf  0

By registering to the festival each participant declares that he is familiar with the rules for participation in the festival and for his activities during the event itself is responsible. It also agrees that the video and photo reports to the participant's image to be used in the event informational dissemination of public space and event direct marketing purposes.

* - compulsory fields.